Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sienna and Lime Kit By Nannie Bernie

I AM BACK! Well, to scrapping  but I am still with my daughter Crissy. Our baby does not want to come out yet. The doctor gave him an ultimatum . You better come out today sweetheart or else your doctor is coming in to get you out. LOL. My daughter will be induced by by tomorrow if he does not come out today.  Quite worried . Please pray with me that she will have a safe delivery.

I thought I had to wait for October so I can start scrapping again but thank you to my daughter Crissy and son-in-law Ian for sponsoring my new laptop.  They allowed me to use their credit card to purchase one.  My daughter really knows that  a new laptop is my number1 wishlist ( well, that's for material things).  I was so so thrilled .  I installed my photoshop and here I am! Goodness, I am an addict!

First thing I did was of course went to Scrap It Sassy and browse what kit I can work with.  There's so many beautiful kits in the shop .Better check it out: . This is one of the lovely kits available. It's called Sienna and Lime Kit by Nanny Bernie . Here is the preview and the link to it:
The DETAILS:  Sienna N Lime Kit by Nannie Bernie. Nice earthy tones combined with Lime colourings in this kit. includes 12 papers, 12x12 300 dpi, 1 QP, 7 frames, 39 elements in complimentary colourings. Zesty. Lots of options with this one. PU only.

Here are the samples I did with this fabulous kit : One is my latest photo with Little Iya
 HAPPY SCRAPPING! Will be back very soon! Hope fully with a freebie. hihi God bless you all!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


 SHonestly I really have no time updating Iya's blog. I've decided to make this my showroom of my favorite scrapbooks of her. She's almost 2 and she's expecting a baby brother this September 20. For sure, she will be sharing this blog with her baby brother. I will be going to Cebu to be with her and her mom tomorrow night until the stork arrives with our new grandchild.
Here are some of my favorites.  I am so sorry I was not able to keep track of the designers of the kits I used. Whoever you are thank you so very very much for being for  generous.  These are all freebies I got from Digiscrapdepot and CBH  .

I personally made this one. One of my freebies

Too bad I was not able to separate some pages I did myself.. Well, I also did the "LOOK DAD I GOT YOUR NOSE" and the page with my hubby. I made the letters in "IYA" ,  the wordarts in You have the Cutest Smile and "You are God's Special Work of Art" and the adorable page where she is thumb sucking. LOL.  I designed the hearts in "You're such a joy to me". I wish I have more time in making my own designs but Iya's photos keeps piling up so I have to grab some beautiful freebie in digiscrapdepot and CBH freebie search engine. MORE COMING! See you Friday morning my sweet little QTPie.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Our Precious Gift

Little Iya... I just love carrying her in my arms. Smelling her head.  Hmmm ! Love the smell of babies heads. LOL. I remember I kept staring at her especially while she was asleep. I was trying to figure out who she looks like.  She definitely got her Dad's head and nose ( and he does not accept this)Hahaha. I heard from his brother that the nose is the trademark of their family. HAHAHA.We just watch her every move.... every yawn hoping she gives us a little smile. What a beautiful angel she is.  She slept with me and dad ( oh that's my husband hihi) for 3 months. Ooooooh how painful it was when she and her mom left for Cebu to join her dad. 

 I had a chat with my daughter Crissy yesterday. She did not go to the office and was thinking of having an ultrasound.  She's so excited to know the sex of  the baby.  I'd rather go for a surprise though hehehe. She said that they might be coming over to stay for a couple of weeks with us. So exciting. Our house will be full of laughter again.  Oh Little Iya you are the cutest miracle of all.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

When She Came Into Our Lives

Here are some pics of Iya when she came into the world.  Thank heavens for Facebook i did not have to go over my DVD files to look for her baby pics.  She practically grew up in Facebook then. Hahaha.

These moments were so precious to us.  I was never nervous in my childbirths but when Crissy was in the delivery room I was terribly nervous.  I kept praying that everything will just be fine. Probably that's was because it  was my daughter who was giving birth.  Thank god my sister in Law was there to keep me company.  Crissy's husband was in Cebu working when she gave birth.  I am wishing that Crissy and Ian will change their minds and decide to have their second baby here again.  But I guess not. Hehehe.  I think they have made up their minds.  I just hope that Ian will not be sent back to Kentucky when the stork arrives. I really can't stay long with them. Gosh, i will be a second time Granny.  I remember when the doctor came out and told me that they were safe and showed me Iya being washed in the nursery, tears fell in my eyes. I felt so relieved . I am sure  my husband felt the same way when he saw little Iya. She was so tiny, delicate and sooooo soft. He was so careful touching her. What a very precious moment!

What to do What to do

This is our darling grand daughter Iya wearing her new sunglasses. According to her mom, she enjoyed trying different shades in a mall. I saw her wearing it during one of our video chats and she never removed it. LOL. Isn't she just so adorable? BTW I got that kit from Jaelop Designs.

I really don't know what to do with Iya's blog. I have already made tons of digital scrapbook of  her that I don't know which one to post first. I have to search all my DVD files for her baby pictures. She's a darling and I miss her very much. For now I'll propably just  post some of my latest pages of her. I really hope she visits next month with her mom of course. Few months from now she will be having  a baby brother ( her mom and dad are really praying for one) or a baby sister ( which I prefer HAHAHA). The most important thing is that the baby and our daughter Crissy will have a very easy and safe delivery.

Hmmm What is happening. I can't edit my settings. I have been trying to use the update editor but i could not. i have to go back to the old editor to post Iya's pictures. Does it only works on your first blog? Anyway, I hope it works the next time I log in. Will be back. Something's wrong. All the buttons are not working. I just hope this gets published. I would be so lazy to do it again. More Iya pics coming!!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Click the COMPOSE!

HAHAHA. I have been trying to get the updated editor. All i have to do is click the compose to activate it. LOL. Well, here are some pics I had with Iya during her recent visit in Dumaguete. I love how I edited these photos. LOL  We brought her to a beach hoping she would enjoy playing on the sand and swimming.  Unfortunately, it was toooo windy and the waves were too big .  She got scared scared that she  would not let go. I guess she prefers the pool instead..... Oh how I miss her.

P.S. Thanks to Adobe Lightroom for  faster image effects. Really fun using it.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I have been studying and trying how to change the background and header of Iya's new blog. After 6 trials I finally found the best size and resolution to fit my screen. I am using 1024px x 768px screen resolution. The perfect size for a background is 14.5in wide and 11 in. height in a 100 dpi. Anyway to make it very short (LOL)I found this easy blog tutorial site. . It has lots of background freebies but I want to design my own. Now that i know how to do this, I might be changing blog designs every now and then. HAHAHA.

Iya is here and very soon my computer will be filled up with her photos. i am expecting a never ending scrapping again. Very soon they will be two. Her mom is expecting to give birth on September.

Well, I will try to do some new scrapping tomorrow but Iya's Nanny is visiting her family for 3 days. Got to put some pages in her new blog though. Got to go! My celfone rang and it woke her up. Huhuhu. I'll see if i can put her to sleep again . Hugs from the Philippines!